Why We Love Wedding Flowers (And You Should Too)

When it comes to fall weddings, lots of brides are looking for expert advice from floral experts. Whereas spring and summer flower trends are available in every engagement guide, bridal expo, and wedding magazine, fall and winter flower advice can be harder to find.

The good news is that this is a tremendous opportunity for florists like you to step in and fill the void. Armed with the right supply of bulk wedding flowers and our quick fall wedding flower guide below, you can quickly become an indispensable part of any bride’s wedding planning. And it’s hard to beat indispensable.

So what are the hottest flower trends for fall weddings this year?

Quick Fall Wedding Flower Guide from FMI Farms:

1. Pairing blushing bride mini callas with stock and ranunculus: The combination of sweet, romantic mini callas with large, frilly ranunculus will leave any bride overflowing with joy. Suggest that she add in some stock for both height and accent color and these picture perfect bunches would work for either an arm sheaf bouquet or a stunning centerpiece. Perfect for the bride who truly loves flowers.

2. Roses in less traditional wedding colors: For the bride with slightly more eclectic taste, she may appreciate you steering her away from the traditionally feminine pink or red roses. Why not suggest she add some Southwestern charm to her arrangements with a mix of terracotas, oranges, and even bicolors?

3. Understated and simple designs: Many this season are drawn to mono-chromatic bouquets. These simple, elegant designs ensure that all eyes stay on the beautiful bride enhancing her beauty without being distracting. So when you offer bulk wedding flowers in your shop, it’s a good idea to stock several different varieties in a single shade. For example, we’re seeing a lot of demand for white flowers this season. You could stock white orchids, white Dutch tulips, and white Dianthus.

4. Bridesmaids each carrying a unique bouquet: Brides are always hoping to create a custom look and a unique experience for their wedding party and guests. One twist on the traditional bridal bouquet with bridesmaids each carrying a similar, but less spectacular version of the bride’s arrangement is to make the bridesmaids’ bouquets each completely unique. Lilies, ranunculus, and vania roses are a great choice for this plan. These flowers compliment each other while being different enough to make the right statement.

5. Arrangements that look beautiful both indoors and outdoors: The start of fall brings with it the promise of cooler evening temperatures. So a lot of brides opt for indoor wedding ceremonies and outdoor wedding receptions this time of year. Consequently, they also want stems that hold up under all environmental conditions. Callas, with their elegant lines, are some of the most romantic flowers available. Their long stems make them appropriate as centerpieces or bouquet flowers. And the wide variety of colors available make them one of the most versatile varieties around. You can’t go wrong stocking callas this fall.

6. Rustic weddings are very popular during the fall: Many who get married this time of year, choose forests, farms, parks, or other natural settings. Natural settings lend themselves so easily to organic and seasonal floral accents. Mustard yellow, peach, orange, and coral roses clustered with bright autumn leaves make a rustic bouquet perfect for photographs in natural backgrounds. With all the brown tones found in nature this time of year, the bright yellow and orange shades will really make your brides’ flowers pop.

7. Delicate, romantic bouquets with gerbers, pin cushions, and tulips: Finally, when we think fall flowers, it’s hard not to think of these flowers. So it makes sense for fall brides to come to you looking for these varieties. Our stock of wholesale flowers come packed with care, straight from growers around the world and shipped to you overnight via FedEx. The warehouse staff at FMI, then works around the clock making sure that the shipment you receive is full of the freshest autumn flowers available.

Although we don’t always associate autumn with flowers, it’s actually a wonderful time for flowers. Autumn is harvest time. So all kinds of blooms are just coming into their own this time of year. There are so many options, it’s not surprising for brides to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions that need to be made.

Don’t pass up the golden opportunity to be your brides’ hero or heroine. Order your fall wedding flowers from our webshop today and start marketing to fall brides tomorrow. You’ll be ahead of the curve and your competition won’t know what hit them.

If you would like more advice about buying bulk wedding flowers or if you are looking for hard-to-find varieties, contact our friendly, expert staff today. We are happy to make suggestions about what products are in high demand, trusted methods for keeping your stock looking fresher longer, and other industry trends. Call us at 1-866-916-5360. At FMI Farms customer satisfaction is our top priority.