Farm to Florist: A Whole New World of Flower Delivery

Historically, buying direct for retail florists in the US market has been closed. The import system is complex with many limitations, rules, and excessive costs that serve as barriers to entry. As a major player in the importing of flowers into Miami, FMI Farms is always on the lookout for ways to influence this system to be more efficient and more workable for our retail partners and their customers. We believe the retail florist is ready for a logistical upgrade.

Consider how flower logistics usually work:

Farms in the Netherlands, Ecuador, or other hotbeds of the global flower industry around the world, grow flowers and then ship them in consolidated shipments by air to Miami. When the shipments arrive in Miami, they are cleared through customs by a freight forwarder, who separates the consolidations and distributes the smaller shipments to the importer. FMI has historically acted as the importer. We would receive the shipments, deliver the order to a trucking company in Miami, who then consolidates from their facility for wholesalers anywhere in the continental United States. Wholesalers ship the flowers in refrigerated trucks. Consequently, wholesalers must be able to accommodate the proper dock height. Dock height is necessary so that the flowers that are shipped on pallets can easily be moved from the truck to the wholesalers’ loading dock and thus, their cooler. The wholesaler would then separate that shipment even further and eventually send shipments outs in small trucks to the florist or the florist would pick up at their docks.

So many moving parts makes the system really inefficient and expensive. Not to mention that if something goes wrong with your shipment, it can take up a lot of extra time for you to track down and resolve the issue.

Here’s how FMI Farms wants to create a whole new world of wholesale flower delivery:

FMI Farms is looking to partner with a facility, wholesaler, or florist that has dock height. Once we find the right partner, we will be able to eliminate several of these extra steps. Eliminating steps makes the new system more efficient, which saves you time and money. Our expert staff has more than a decade of experience in the flower market industry. We know the ins and outs of the global flower market and can easily guide our new partner through the red tape. You would be hard pressed to find a more prepared or savvy business partner than FMI Farms.

Here’s our master plan: FMI Farms will deliver shipments, prepacked for florists, giving florists the opportunity to pay Miami F.O.B. prices (meaning that the seller pays for transportation of the flowers to the port of shipment, plus loading costs). Basically, as the florist, you will pay shipment pricing comparable to what the local wholesaler pays today.

We currently ship directly to florists via FedEx. For remote areas, this is still the most efficient method available. But the high prices can be prohibitive and limiting. However, in larger cities where there is more competition, market prices are driven down, making it hard for other wholesalers to compete with our Overnight FedEx shipping method. Always on the lookout for better, faster, and smarter ways to deliver our product to our customers, we believe we can be even more competitive in larger cities through trucking and distributing from one centralized facility.

So FMI is going city-by-city looking for florists who would benefit the most. We are currently perfecting our new delivery system in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX. Florists, like you, are already benefiting from this new system. And now that we know our centralized shipping plan works, we are ready to expand. We have our sights set on somewhere in the Midwest. Does this partnership sound right for you or someone you know? The experts at FMI Farms are ready to talk with you. Call us today at 1-866-916-5360.

Our new wholesale flower delivery system will revolutionize the way you buy flowers. We have the greatest variety of wholesale Dutch flowers and roses available. Ordering and shipping straight to your flower shop has never been easier. With our new online webshop, you’ll be able to see what flowers are available in what quantities and order with the click of a button on your computer or mobile device from anywhere. As we enter the fall flower season, be ahead of the trend in your local market. Experience the FMI Farms difference!

Currently, logistics for moving shipments of wholesale flowers from growers to florists are inefficient, complicated, and unnecessarily driving up prices for your customers. At FMI Farms, we believe we can do better. Our goal is to make lowers accessible and affordable for all. Won’t you join us in achieving our goal? Call us today at 1-866-916-5360 to find out how you can be a part of the Farm to Florist Movement!

Are you a florist, wholesaler, or have a facility with access to the right dock height, looking to work with an import partner? FMI Farms would love to talk with you. Please contact us TODAY!