Shipping & Handling

At Flower Marketplace, the trusted national flower wholesaler, we prioritize delivering your premium flowers with utmost care and efficiency. Each step of our shipping and handling process aims to ensure your orders touch down fresh, vibrant, and ready to inspire floral creations.

Our Robust Shipping Process:

• Swift and Dependable:
• Recognizing the essence of punctuality in the floral industry, we primarily rely on FedEx Overnight for swift deliveries. However, for those desiring alternate means, we offer comprehensive shipping options, including premier airlines and trucking lines from South Florida.
• Robust Packaging:
• Flowers symbolize beauty and delicacy. Our meticulous packaging techniques ensure this essence is preserved, guarding the flowers against potential adversities during transit.
• Real-time Tracking:
• Stay abreast of your order’s journey. With FedEx’s advanced tracking, you’re always in the loop with real-time updates, ensuring you can monitor the delivery from our facility to the destination.
• Prompt Deliveries:
• Aligning with FedEx Overnight’s renowned timeliness, we stand firm in our promise to get your orders to you or your clients right on schedule.

Assured Handling of Your Orders:

• Order Precision:
• Our team, equipped with floral expertise, ensures that every package is curated to perfection, and ready for your selected carrier.
• Rigorous Quality Assurance:
• Before embarking on their journey, each flower undergoes a stringent quality check, ensuring they align with our high standards of excellence.
• Dedicated Customer Support:
• From queries to updates, our support team stands ready to assist you. Any questions or concerns regarding your shipment? We’re here to help.
Dive into the world of hassle-free, reliable shipping with Flower Marketplace. We handle the logistics; you focus on crafting mesmerizing floral masterpieces.
Connect with us today for a deeper insight into our shipping and handling procedures or to curate your next order.