The Gift of Love




Today we get the opportunity to demonstrate gratitude, appreciation, and love. According to (Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages), love is communicated in 5 different ways (words, touch, time, service, and gift-giving). In the business of flowers, we are in the business of gifting love.

After 15 years of servicing the floral industry, I have developed a perspective that relates to a purpose. That purpose for me must have meaning above just generating a profit. In our line of work, profit is just the result of fulfilling an emotion called “love”. This approach to my business gives my relationship with it more meaning. I know this sounds divine but having this ideology, keeps me in tune on a deeper level with my purpose within my business.

Sometimes we get lost in our day-to-day, but if we remind ourselves whom we’re servicing and why we can only then start to align ourselves with our customers. This perspective gives my business more meaning, and with more meaning, we can satisfy the emotion of love that inspired the gift giver.

We are thankful today on Valentine’s Day for every customer that shops online with us.

Your success is our success!