Why Flower Arrangements Always Make the Perfect Corporate Gift

65% of Americans feel special when they receive flower arrangements and it’s not hard to see why. Those bold colors and inviting scents, combined with an array of beautiful petal textures, draw you in.

A bouquet of bright blooms can brighten anyone’s day. Flowers can convey a range of messages from sympathy to congratulations and get well. 

But did you know that flower arrangements also make great corporate gifts? It’s true. You can use the beauty and versatility of flowers as a form of gifting to improve your client and business relationships.

In 2021, the floral gifting market was worth $11.91 billion. It is expected to reach an estimated $17.02 billion by 2027.

Want to know more about the benefits and uses of flower arrangements for your business? Keep reading this post below to discover further information. 

Different Flower Meanings

Before you send out just any flower arrangement, it’s important to understand the different types of flowers, their colors, and their meanings.

Each flower has its own language. This will help you select the best flowers to appropriately convey your message to your clients for the proper occasions. 

Rather than sending a bouquet of roses that could be misinterpreted the wrong way, you want the right flowers to represent your business. Here are some corporate-friendly flower types, their representations, and their meanings.


Sunflowers are the epitome of brightness and cheer. Sunflowers are so named because they move to face the sun and can be considered a flower of optimism. A sunflower represents longevity, loyalty, and admiration which is great for both new and established clients.

A sunflower is most known for its bright yellow coloring which adds a pop of iridescent color to flower arrangements. However, sunflowers also come in other color options such as pink, purple, red, and orange. 


Tulip flower arrangements make great corporate gifts. They are a classic choice due to their affordability and versatility in color choices. They have a simple yet sophisticated look, and they come in many bright colors. 

Tulip flowers symbolize perfection, so a tulip arrangement can signify your appreciation to a client for a job completed to satisfaction. A tulip may also represent hope and growth, as well as new beginnings so you can use them to mark a new partnership or celebrate a promotion.

80% of the world’s tulip supply comes from The Netherlands. Tulips are available in nearly every color of the rainbow and beyond. This makes tulips ideal for matching your business’s brand as well as your client’s company brand colors or your client’s favorite color.


Gerberas are a type of daisy that can provide a terrific option for flower arrangements. corporate flowers as they come in various color varieties like lavender, yellow, pink, and orange. They can also be used to customize your corporate gifts gift to match the recipient’s branding or a specific occasion.

Gerbera daisies are bright and cheerful. They symbolize happiness and loyalty. They are best used to show appreciation or to celebrate a milestone. Try mixing them in with sunflowers for breathtaking bold flower arrangements.


Orchids exude luxuriousness. They are sleek and modern flowers that have a classy and sophisticated elegance. Orchids are long-lasting with proper care and make a wonderful office gift and decor piece.

An orchid symbolizes strength, charm, and thoughtfulness. They are best suited for showing appreciation, saying thank you, or congratulating achievements. Orchid flowers come in many natural color hues but they can also be dyed.

The Phalaenopsis orchid is the most popular type of orchid with a 2020 value of $1.294 million.


Chrysanthemums, also commonly referred to as mums for short, make great corporate gifts for flower arrangements due to their sturdy and lasting blooms and an assortment of vivid colors. The meaning of a chrysanthemum depends on the color used.

For example, a yellow chrysanthemum represents success and happiness when used to commend a client on a job well done. While a white chrysanthemum can represent trust and loyalty, so it can express gratitude to your client. A color like purple symbolizes thoughtfulness, care, and good wishes for a client who is sick or possibly retiring. 


Carnations are hearty and affordable flowers for businesses of all sizes. These flowers are adaptable in flower arrangements as a filler with other flowers or as a standalone arrangement. Again, the color of the carnation can have different meanings.

The carnation in general represents admiration and respect. Pink carnations represent gratitude, while white carnations represent good luck. If you’re looking to show gratitude, admiration, and respect to a client, a pink carnation is the way to go.

Steer clear of yellow carnations though. While they may be bright and cheerful looking, they actually represent disappointment and rejection. 

Calla Lillies

Calla lilies are an attractive high-end favorite for corporate flower arrangements. Their stylish appearance makes them a tasteful choice in professional corporate gifts.

A pink calla lily denotes admiration for a client’s hard work. Yellow calla lilies symbolize gratitude for thanking a client. A purple calla lily represents passion, but if used right, it could stand for passion to one’s job in the workplace. 


Using marigolds in flower arrangements can make for delightful corporate gifts. The marigold flower evokes cheer and optimism for business relationships. A marigold is a poignant representation of appreciation, loyalty strength, and power.

Marigold flowers acknowledge professional accomplishments and recognize hard work. Brighter colors of marigolds like orange or yellow work to promote new services and products. Deeper-colored red or gold marigolds show appreciation to clients.

Stargazer Lillies

Stargazer lilies are a striking and distinct statement in flower arrangements for corporate gifts. This particular flower can represent ambition, gratitude, and success. Stargazer lilies make a powerful statement between you and your clients. 

The pink stargazer lily especially is a fantastic symbol for business relationships. Pink stargazer lilies can symbolize good fortune, prosperity, and wealth. A pink stargazer lily can also be a sign of financial success. 


Hydrangea flower arrangements are trendy and upscale corporate gifts. The hydrangea flower exemplifies feelings of joy and abundance. Above all, they embody appreciation to their recipients.

Hydrangeas come in a multitude of colors as well. Some prefer green hydrangeas because they symbolize new beginnings while purple represents abundance. White is the best for businesses since it represents financial success and wealth.

Potted hydrangeas can make an even longer-lasting impression offering multiple bloom cycles. They are beautiful desktop or office decorations.


Irises are a unique and charming choice for corporate gifts in flower arrangements. The iris flower can represent admiration, trust, and wisdom. They are favorable for celebrating a successful business deal or a new client partnership.

Purple and yellow irises are the most commonly known, but they also come in colors like white, blue, and brown. Irises are beautiful on their own or as a complement in mixed flower arrangements. They can last for up to two weeks in a vase arrangement for maximum enjoyment.


Gladiolus are easy to find and inexpensive flowers so you can find them year-round for holiday celebrations of all kinds. These exquisitely long and leafy sword-like designs with cascading flowers accentuate all types of flower arrangements. Clients will adore the way their distinctive design helps dress up an office or reception space. 

For corporate gifts, gladiolus have a strong sword shape design to them, much like the weapons of the Roman gladiators. They represent power and strength, as well as success. Yellow gladiolus symbolize cheer and compassion while purple flowers are a symbol of charm. 

Reasons to Give Flower Arrangements as Corporate Gifts

There are many reasons why you may send flower arrangements as corporate gifts. Here are some of the key reasons for sending flowers.

To Strengthen Your Business/Client Relationship

Sending flower arrangements strengthens the bond between you and your client long-term. You may send them flowers for a work anniversary or their birthday. You can also send a flower arrangement to congratulate them on a completed project or a job promotion. 

No matter what the occasion is, you’re not only keeping the channels of communication open, you’re also cementing your business bond with your clients. You can send flowers whether you’re across town, across the street, or across the country and keep those connections strong.

To Set Your Business Apart From the Competition

With so many other businesses out there that may be in your same industry, it’s important to make yourself stand out. This is especially true if you’re trying to market yourself to prospective clients. You want that competitive edge that puts you at the forefront of their list and makes them take notice.

Sending a flower arrangement to a potential client will encourage them to follow up on your inquiry. They’ll see your flower arrangement sitting there for several days and remember you better. 

If you do land a new client, sending them a flower arrangement can establish a positive relationship right off the bat. They’ll see that you’re willing to go the extra mile to maintain a fully beneficial relationship in every possible way.

To Personalize Your Business Brand

When you give flower arrangements to clients, you’re making yourself into more than a cold, static company in the eyes of your clients. It helps make your brand more personal and approachable.

You won’t just be another name on a list but a real, tangible persona. Clients will see you as more than just another business, they will view you as a valuable partnership instead.

As Employee Office Gifts 

While flower arrangements make great corporate gifts for clients, they don’t stop there. Flower arrangements also make a terrific office gift for your employees. A flower arrangement is the perfect way to boost morale. 

Not only that, flower arrangements are wonderful for:

  • Remembering employee birthdays
  • Celebrating a special employee work milestone
  • Commemorating an employee’s retirement
  • Rewarding a sales goal
  • Welcoming a new employee

You can also send a flower arrangement as an office gift to an employee to acknowledge a special life occasion such as the birth of a child or a marriage. 

When your employees feel seen and recognized for their efforts, they will feel like a more valuable asset to your company. In return, you will see an increase in productivity and an improved work attitude. 

Just having plants and flowers in your workplace environment can reduce stress in your employees and promote more creativity. After all, who doesn’t like looking at an arrangement of fresh and colorful flowers throughout the day?

Why Are Flower Arrangements the Perfect Corporate Gifts?

Flower arrangements show that you care about your business relationships with your clients and employees alike. It means you took the time to pick the right colors and flower types to signify your specific connection to your client. 

A flower arrangement also improves good feelings towards your company. Your clients and employees will think of you fondly whenever they look at their special flowers. 

Flower arrangements are ideal for a number of different occasions. Flowers convey so many messages of appreciation, celebration, and congratulations. It is a simple gesture that can mean so much to their recipient. 

Choosing flower arrangements is a more personal gifting option than just giving a gift card. You also don’t have to worry about giving an item that requires knowing an employee or client’s clothing size because flowers are terrific corporate gifts for everyone.

Unlike food gifts, you don’t need to worry about breaking anyone’s special dietary habits or crossing over into food allergies either. Flowers are a feast for the eyes. 

Unless they’re allergic to pollen, practically everyone loves receiving flowers as gifts. Even from afar, flower arrangements draw your eye in. You can’t help but notice and admire them. 

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