Want to see the most beautiful roses available? See the Ecuadorian difference

In Northwestern South America, between Colombia and Peru, lies the small, but beautiful nation of Ecuador. Ecuador is the third largest exporter of fresh-cut flowers in the world, but it is best known for it’s incredible roses. And for good reason: the climate, which is unique to Ecuador, is perfect for producing the biggest, most beautiful rose blooms, you have ever laid eyes on.

If you aren’t buying your wholesale roses from a distributor offering Ecuadorian roses, you should see what you are missing. At FMI Farms, we specialize in roses from Ecuador. For the past 10 years, we have been partnering with florists, like you, to continue our family’s proud tradition of bringing roses from the farms of Ecuador to the public. Come experience the FMI difference!

What makes Ecuador special?

If you have never visited Ecuador, you really should put it on your bucket list. The people are friendly, the food is incredible, and the prices are very reasonable. Also, as a florist, you will find the biodiversity, especially among flora and fauna, extremely fascinating.

Here are some fun facts about this enchanting place:

  • Ecuador’s national flower is the rose.
  • Ecuador is the smallest country in the Andean highlands.
  • Ecuador is named for the equator, which runs through the country.
  • Ecuador was the first nation to declare that nature has constitutional rights.
  • Ecuador is one of the countries in the world with the greatest density of volcanoes, many of which are active. One of these Volcanoes is the Cotopaxi. The Cotopaxi is host of many of the best rose farms in the entire world.
  • The Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador, are where Charles Darwin noticed the diversity of species and began to study evolution.

What makes Ecuadorian roses superior?

The Ecuadorian rose is known around the world as the best rose in the world (actually Ecuadorian farmers grow around 500 varieties). Roses from Ecuador are judged to be superior in bloom size, stem length, vase life, and color.

As we said above, the climate in the Andean highlands is ideal for growing roses, but producing the highest quality, premium roses in the world goes way beyond the cooperative climate. The combination of the mountain altitude putting the farms closer to the sun (3000 meters above sea level); well fertilized soil from volcanic activity; and optimum lighting conditions (nearly 12 hours of natural light per day all year) due to Ecuador’s location on the equator gives it a huge advantage in producing roses. Also, in Ecuador, while there are periods of rain and drought, sunlight is always consistent (the seasons don’t change) making it possible for farmers to cultivate and produce these incredible blooms all year long.

The altitude gives the farmers in Ecuador two major advantages: (1) The sunlight is purer because it is more direct, not having to travel through as much atmosphere as in other parts of the world. This contributes to the blooms’ vibrant color and deeper tone on buds and foliage. By contrast, roses that come from Colombia, for example, where there is less sunlight, often have thin, lighter green stems, and small, tight buds. (2) Higher altitude means cooler temperatures too, which makes for a more sterile environment. Insects, bacteria, and diseases of all sorts have a difficult time surviving in these cooler temperatures. So Ecuadorian roses are healthier. Additionally, cooler temperatures ensure that it takes longer for roses to bloom. This extended growth period results in Ecuadorian roses having larger blooms than those grown in warmer climates. The cooler temperatures keep the pests away and also fight off disease.

It just doesn’t make sense to settle for roses grown anywhere else.

The FMI Farms connection

At FMI Farms, when we were developing our business strategy and figuring out where to spend our time and energy, Ecuadorian roses were a no-brainer. We quickly decided to specialize in distributing premium wholesale roses from Ecuador, but we didn’t stop there. Not only do we sell the best roses in the world, we sell the best of the best–exclusive varieties that put our customers ahead of the trend curve in the flower industry.

Checkout these exclusive, hard-to-find wholesale rose varieties:

  • Playa Blanca: Brides looking for traditional wedding white roses will fall in love all over with these true white, large-bloomed Ecuadorian roses. They are the most regal roses available.
  • Campanella: These peach and yellow varieties of garden roses come in many different styles. Our Campanellas are ruffled, fragrant, and have the largest blooms available on the market.
  • Free spirit: These ruffle-petaled roses come in a wide variety of colors. Their unusual blooms stand out beautifully setting a romantic mood. They are perfect for a garden party or a wedding reception.
  • Vania: The gorgeous pinks, reds, and oranges of these popular roses really pop. Who wouldn’t be enchanted by a vase full of these beauties?
  • Wild Topaz: The brilliant swirling colors on these pink blooms make them a pleasingly wild addition to any bouquet. They work well as an accent or filler flower.

FMI Farms has established a reputation for importing and distributing the highest quality wholesale roses from Ecuador. We have optimized our system to be able to deliver you the most diverse and exotic mix of fresh-cut flowers directly to your shop overnight. We are a multinational importer and American National wholesaler connecting your retail flower business to growers from around the world.

FMI Farms is here to take care of all your floral needs. Shop our convenient Webshop any time day or night. Or contact our friendly and expert staff by filling out our contact form or calling us at 1-866-916-5360. If your customers love roses, you’ll love the selection at FMI Farms!