The Complete Guide to The Variations of Garden Roses

Did you know that garden roses are America’s most-grown flowers? If you are looking for the best wedding roses, check out this guide, and stick around until the end to learn how to buy garden roses and flowers wholesale from FMI Farms.

Garden Rose Categories

Garden roses are not the only rose category.  There are many kinds of rose categories.  Some directly from nature and others from man’s own imagination and creativity.

Wild Roses

Wild roses are also known as species roses. These flowers are roses in their most natural form. They are wildflowers native in the United States to the Pacific Northwest Coast. Unlike garden roses, the wildflower-type is unaltered by crossbreeding and hybridization. They feature simple five-petal flowers that grow on shrubs. Many people consider these wild roses a good luck charm because they are so rare. Wild roses are beautiful, but they are not what the typical bride thinks of when she requests roses for her bridal bouquet.

garden rose Garden Rose Yves Piaget Dark Pink 40/50 cmAntique Garden Roses

People also refer to antique garden roses as old or historic roses. This is because they have been around for centuries. Some of these garden roses have been around since Biblical times. This category of rose is an excellent choice for home gardeners. They have withstood the test of time, mainly because they are resistant to diseases and harsh weather. They tend to have double-blooms and a strong floral fragrance. The only downside is that they only bloom once, making them expensive for mass production.


Modern garden roses are the best choice if you and your bride are searching for an affordable, long-lasting rose bouquet. These flowers originated in 1867. Any rose bred before that time would be considered an antique. They are not as expensive as old roses because they bloom continuously. The flower is larger, but its aroma is slightly less potent than its predecessors. Modern garden roses are perfect for weddings because of their longer shelf life, and if they are cut and tended to properly, they should last for at least 7-10 days depending on the variety.

Common Garden Rose Varieties

Among antique and modern garden roses, there are hundreds of different classes. Each class offers a slightly different bloom and distinctive features, below are some examples.

Floribunda Roses

Floribunda roses fall under the modern garden rose category. They have continuously blooming flowers that tend to grow in lovely clusters.

Polyantha Roses

Polyantha roses are like the floribunda variety in that they tend to cluster, but the blooms are smaller. This modern garden flower variety comes in various colors, making them perfect for weddings and events.

Alba Roses

Alba roses are a variety of antique garden roses. Breeders have produced these roses for centuries. They are incredibly hardy, easy to grow, and come in two beautiful color options: pastel pink and bright white.

Bourbon Roses

Bourbon roses, also considered antique, originated in 1817 France. These flowers have a strong fragrance and come in red, pink, and white shades.

Centifolia Roses

Centifolia roses are old roses that only bloom once per season. Breeders also call this flower the cabbage or Provence rose. The petals of these flowers grow together like a cabbage’s leaves.

China Roses

The China rose gets its name because of its origin. Chinese breeders invented this hybrid variety and introduced it to the West in the 1700s. These are also considered an antique garden rose variety.

Damask Roses

The damask rose is the most antique of all old rose varieties, dating back to BC. One variety of this flower blooms in the summer; the other variety is more commonly found during the fall season.

Gallica Roses

Gallica roses are also ancient. They have been around since at least the 1100s. They are native to France, which is why some breeders call them French roses.

The Best Types of Garden Roses for 

Floral Arranging

Now that we have discussed the most common varieties of roses, you are probably wondering which are best for wedding arrangements. Below are our absolute favorites.

     David Austin Wedding Roses

garden rose Garden Rose Patience White 30 cmAlso known as the English rose, this garden rose variety got its name from the British breeder who created it. Austin made the English rose from a cross of antique and modern garden rose varieties. This hybridization creates many incredible benefits. The English rose offers multiple bloom colors like modern roses but an intense, floral scent ala antique roses.  The main distinguishing factor is that the outside petals are substantially larger than the inside ones.  This gives the rose’s bloom a distinctive peony-like form.

David Austin varieties include:

rose garden ROSE GARDEN LT PINK PRINCESS HITOMI 40CM Princess Japanese Garden Roses

Princess Japanese rose varieties in the US originated from the garden roses a breeder invented specifically for the Emperor of Japan.

Varieties include:

Wabara Rose Farm Keiji Garden Roses

Famed Japanese breeder Keiji Kuneida developed his first modern garden rose in 2006. The Japanese word wabara translates to “harmony rose.”

Wabara produces dozens of different rose varieties, including:

Why Buy From Fmifarms

Garden roses can be either from nature herself or man-made.  The only garden roses that are worthy of weddings and events are either antique or modern. Thousands of varieties fall within these two categories. We believe the best performing wedding garden roses are from either the David Austin, Princess Japanese, or the Wabara line.  We have made a deliberate and consistent effort to provide our customers with as many options from all around the floral world.  Our farm direct model ensures freshness, and our expertise guarantees quality.  Farming flowers and achieving consistent quality is difficult and that is why we have made it our mission to buy from farms that have mastered those skills. Did one of these beautiful flowers catch your eye? Register, choose a date, filter for garden roses, and have fun.  Our slogan is “You Click, We Ship.”  Our website,, prides itself in offering the world’s largest selection of flowers available at your fingertips.  Garden Roses are our favorite but are just the tip of the floral iceberg.  Our highly experienced staff, combined with 100 years of experience, is ready to guide you and make your experience easy and fun, enjoy.