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Pom Asst Cushion Platinum

Pompon, Pom Asst Cushion Platinum, Asst. is a luxurious, vibrant selection of colors for any florist. A dazzling range of hues, from the deep, velvety red of a rose petal to the bright, eye-catching yellow of a daffodil, will bring any arrangement to life. Its gentle pastels, such as the soft pink of a cherry blossom and the delicate blue of a forget-me-not, are perfect for wedding bouquets. Find the perfect hue to make your floral arrangements shine with Pompon, Pom Asst Cushion Platinum, Asst. – nature’s own palette for your special occasion. Shop now at your favorite flower wholesaler for the best in selection and quality.

Product Source: Miami Category: Pompon 200 In Stock
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