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Mums Balls Yellow Totumo 5stem

Disbuds, Mums Balls Yellow Totumo 5stem are the perfect choice for any florist looking to create a vibrant, captivating display of colors. The yellow and pale pink mums and the yellow disbuds create a bright, cheerful contrast that mimics the colors of a summer meadow. The Totumo 5stem adds a subtle hint of green to the mix, making it a perfect complement to the mums and disbuds. The combination of these three flowers creates a beautiful bouquet that will bring the beauty of nature into any event. Whether you’re looking for flowers for a wedding, event, or just to add a touch of beauty to your home, Disbuds, Mums Balls Yellow Totumo 5stem is the ideal choice.

Product Source: Miami Category: Disbuds 17 In Stock
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