How to Choose the Best Valentine’s Day Flowers for Someone Special

valentines day flowers

In 2022, the Instagrammed flower was the rose. Social media users posted pictures of this classic bloom more than 79 million times. The rose is not just popular on Instagram, though. Valentine’s Day is often synonymous with the rose.

Yet, flower shops need more than roses alone. After all, many significant others like their Valentine’s Day flowers to be a bit more out of the box.

That is why we are bringing you this guide to the most popular and best flowers for Valentine’s Day. Keep reading to learn the best flowers for Valentine’s Day and their unique meanings.

The Most Popular Valentine’s Day Flowers

The study we linked to above also named Sunflowers and Tulips as the most Instagrammed flowers of 2022 behind roses. Sunflowers received 14 million hash-tagged posts last year, while tulips amassed over 11 posts.

As popular as these flowers are, you can expect them to be high-demand Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Also, considering the current rose shortage, they may be the only V-day flowers you can get your hands on this year.


Sunflowers are the second-most popular flowers in the US. Typically symbolic of happiness, luck, and life, sunflowers are an unexpected choice for Valentine’s Day that will put a smile on your customers’ faces.


Tulips are the poster flowers of Spring, which can represent new beginnings. Whether your customer is reconnecting with an old flame or starting a brand new romantic journey, tulips represent both friendship and romantic love.

The Valentine’s Flowers That Symbolize Love

Roses and tulips may be the most popular flowers that symbolize love, but they are not the only ones. If you want to mix up your shop’s bouquets this Valentine’s Day, here are some unexpected flowers to add to your list.

Irises, Primroses, and Violets

February is not just the month for Valentine’s Day. Many loved ones also have birthdays in February. Help your customers celebrate their love and their loved one’s birth with February birth flowers.

Irises, primroses, and violets are lovely purple flowers that symbolize the second month of the year. The purple color these blooms all share also represents love at first sight, perfect for romantic partners on V-day.


Carnations are very similar to roses with their fluffy blooms and variety of colors. Gifting someone a bouquet of carnations can mean different things depending on the color.

For example, giving a bouquet of yellow carnations symbolizes platonic love (i.e., friendship). Meanwhile, a bouquet of red or pink roses represents romantic love.


Orchids are proud, tall, and sexy flowers. Pink and purple orchids are the most popular. You can also purchase orchids in unexpected colors, including green, orange, blue, and yellow.

These Valentine’s Day flowers have various meanings. For example, orchids mean both beauty and luxury, as well as deep unending love.


Forget-me-nots are the ultimate symbol of everlasting love. These vibrant blue flowers were traditionally given to a romantic interest to hint at feelings of love. They are also popular flowers to put on a loved one’s grave.

These flowers are perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift to someone who loves wildflowers. You can also use them to fill out a bouquet of other V-day flowers on this list.

Bleeding Hearts

Another bloom with a name perfect for Valentine’s Day is the Bleeding Heart flower. However, make sure you mention that Bleeding Hearts typically symbolize heartbreak when your customers gift them to someone they love.

Bleeding Heart flowers have pink petals that form the shape of a non-anatomical heart. Small red and white blooms stem off of the heart, looking like a drop of blood.


Peonies are cute and vibrant flowers that come in a variety of colors. These flowers are indigenous to China. And the name “peony” roughly means “most beautiful,” making them ideal for your customers’ most beautiful loved ones.

Again, make sure to consider color when buying these flowers. Lighter-colored peonies symbolize the love between friends. Consider salmon, red, pink, or purple if you want your customer’s flower bouquet gift to mean romantic love.


Gardenias are beautiful rose-like flowers that come in shades of white, cream, and yellow. White gardenias symbolize trust, which is an excellent option for those entering new relationships this Valentine’s Day.

A bouquet of gardenias can show your customer’s significant other that they are ready to commit.


Chrysanthemums or mums are the flowers dates exchange on prom night. They are also a fitting addition to bouquets this Valentine’s Day. Like red roses, red chrysanthemums mean passionate love.

Be careful, though, because other colors of mums can mean something else entirely. For example, yellow chrysanthemums are traditionally given when a gifter wants to remain friends with someone who shows romantic interest.


Camellias are the perfect mix between the carnation and the rose. Unlike roses and carnations, though, camellias represent new romance. Include these flowers in a bouquet to symbolize flirty and fun romantic love.

Most camellias come in one of three colors: red, pink, or white. White camellias are, again, perfect for new relationships because they symbolize “liking” more than “loving.” Red and pink camellias are best for deeper romantic connections.


Jasmine is a beautiful and fragrant flower with deep roots in Asian culture. These pink, white, red, and yellow blooms grow in clusters on a vine. In Asia, each color has a different meaning.

For example, white jasmine flowers symbolize pure love. A bouquet of pink jasmine flowers can represent new romantic love, while yellow jasmine means friendship. Red jasmine represents sensual love between romantic partners.

Looking for the Best Flowers for Your Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements?

Roses, sunflowers, and tulips are the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers. You should also consider stocking other flowers that mean love for your more creative customers.

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