Bad weather, and rose production in Ecuador for Valentine’s Day 2023


Valentine’s Day is a special occasion celebrated worldwide, and flowers, particularly roses, are essential to the celebration. However, this year, bad weather conditions in Ecuador, one of the world’s leading producers of roses, are causing delays in rose production for Valentine’s Day 2023. This article will discuss the impact of bad weather on rose production, the effects on retailers and consumers, and possible solutions to mitigate the problem.

Ecuador is one of the world’s leading producers of roses, accounting for approximately 25% of the global supply. However, the country has been hit with cold weather that has caused production delays. This is causing a shortage of roses for Valentine’s Day, and prices are expected to rise as a result.

Why do rose farms pinch?

A pinch in rose farming refers to the process of removing the tips of new growth on a rose bush. This is typically done when the stem has reached a desired height or width or when the farmer wants to encourage bushier growth. Pinching promotes the development of new branches and blooms, leading to a fuller and more productive plant. In Ecuador, rose farming is a significant industry, and pinching is a common practice to get the best yield and quality of roses. It also helps to control the height and width of the bushes for easy harvesting and maintenance. Pinching should be done with clean, sharp pruners or scissors to prevent damage to the bush. It’s generally done in the spring or early summer when the plant is actively growing or for the Valentine’s Day rush.

Ecuadorian rose farms pinch red roses in preparation for the Valentine’s Day rush because it helps to produce more blooms on the bushes. This is important for the Valentine’s Day rush because it is the most significant holiday for rose sales worldwide, and the demand for roses, especially red roses, is very high. Ecuador is one of the largest exporters of roses in the world, and many of these roses are grown specifically for the Valentine’s Day market. By pinching the bushes in advance, farmers can ensure that they have a larger crop of blooms ready for sale at the peak of the holiday rush. In addition, pinching also helps to control the height and width of the bushes, making it easier to harvest and maintain the roses.

How does bad weather affect the harvest after a pinch?

Bad weather can delay the expected harvest after a pinch for roses in several ways. First, if the weather is too cold, it can slow down the growth of new branches and blooms. This can lead to a delay in the expected harvest, as the bushes will have fewer blooms than expected at the time of harvest. Additionally, excessive rain or high humidity after the pinch can lead to an increased risk of fungal disease, which can further delay the harvest. This is because the fungal spores can infect the new growth, causing it to die or become stunted, which can reduce the number of blooms.

Furthermore, heavy winds or storms after the pinch can cause physical damage to the roses, breaking or bending the new branches and blooms, making them unsellable. This can also delay the harvest as it will take time for the roses to recover from the damage and for new colors to grow.

What happens to the floral industry when there is a delay in the harvest for Valentine’s Day?

When there is a delay in the harvest for Valentine’s Day in the rose industry, it can significantly impact the importing side of the business. This is because distributors rely on a steady supply of roses to meet the high demand for the holiday.

Suppose the roses that arrive are of lower quality because of the delay in harvest. In that case, this can also affect the reputation of the importer and the satisfaction of the customers.

Furthermore, suppose the delay in harvest is caused by bad weather. In that case, the flowers can arrive with damages or a shorter vase life, affecting the overall satisfaction of the final consumer.

To mitigate these issues, importers may look for alternative sources of roses, such as from other countries or use farms that do not pinch.

Overall, bad weather can significantly impact the expected harvest after a pinch for roses, as it can slow down the growth of new blooms, increase the risk of fungal disease, and cause physical damage to the bushes. All these factors can delay the expected harvest, which can be challenging for rose farmers preparing for the Valentine’s Day rush or other vital sales periods.

Why buy from FMIFarms during Valentine’s Day 2023?

There are several reasons why one might choose to buy roses from FMIFarms during Valentine’s Day:

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  3. On-time delivery:  We ensure that our roses are delivered on time for Valentine’s Day so florists and retailers can have them ready for the holiday rush. We have a well-established logistics chain, including FedEx Priority Overnight, that guarantees that the roses are transported in the best conditions.
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In Conclusion

In conclusion, bad weather conditions in Ecuador are causing delays in the rose production for Valentine’s Day 2023. This is causing a shortage of roses and higher prices for the American floral market. 

Buying roses from FMIFarms during Valentine’s Day will provide customers with high-quality, reliable, and diverse roses with on-time delivery and excellent customer service.