A Complete Guide to the Seasonal Availability of Peonies

As an event florist or floral designer, you recognize the allure peonies possess for your clientele. Having a seasonal guide to peonies is crucial to provide the freshest and most exquisite blooms. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the world of peonies and disclose the secrets behind their blooming seasons and preferred locations. Let’s embark on this journey to uncover the perfect peonies for your floral masterpieces!

North American Peonies: Floral Gems from Coast to Coast

Peonies typically come into season in North America from late April until late June. The United States and Canada host thriving peony gardens, with regions like Oregon, Alaska, and the Midwest in the U.S. and British Columbia in Canada renowned for their flourishing peony cultivation. Alaskan peonies have a slightly later blooming season, from early July to early September, extending peony availability for wedding flowers and other events.

European Peonies: A Celebration of Spring

The beautiful peony blooming season spans from late April through June in Europe. In countries such as France, England, Italy, and the Netherlands, peonies typically enter their season in late spring and exit by the end of June. These stunning blooms make a remarkable addition to your wedding flowers and other event arrangements.

Peonies in Asia: A Spring to Summer Spectacle

Asia, home to numerous peony species, witnesses a delightful blooming season that stretches from spring to summer. Peonies in China and Japan generally bloom in late April and continue until June. These exotic peonies can add a distinctive touch to your event and wedding flower arrangements.

South American Peonies: Chile’s Floral Treasure

Chilean peonies enter their season in late September and last until mid-November, offering a fantastic source of peonies when they’re usually out of season in other parts of the world. Chile’s seasons run opposite North American seasons, with spring and summer occurring as the northern hemisphere experiences autumn and winter.

Peony Varieties – A Florist’s Dream Palette

Knowing when and where peonies enter and exit their season is invaluable for providing your clients with the most striking and freshest blooms. Sourcing peonies from various parts of the world, such as flower wholesale suppliers, helps cater to clients seeking extraordinary flowers for their events and weddings. To further broaden your expertise, here’s a list of popular peony varieties:

Sarah Bernhardt: A classic double-petaled variety with soft pink flowers and a delightful fragrance.

  1. Coral Charm: An early-blooming variety with large, semi-double, coral-pink blooms that transform into a soft peach color as they mature.
  2. Festiva Maxima: An elegant white double peony with crimson flecks and a captivating scent.
  3. Duchesse de Nemours: A sophisticated, creamy-white double peony with a hint of yellow at the base of its petals.
  4. Shirley Temple: A delicate light pink double peony with a subtle fragrance resembling the bloom of a rose.
  5. Monsieur Jules Elie: A striking, double-petaled, pale pink variety with a lovely fragrance and large blooms.
  6. Red Charm: A rich, deep red bomb-type peony with a dense, spherical arrangement of petals.Kansas: A vibrant, early-blooming double peony featuring dark pink petals and a mild fragrance.
  7. Karl Rosenfield: A brilliant double peony with bold, magenta-red petals and a captivating presence.
  8. Bartzella: A unique, yellow peony with a soft fragrance and large, semi-double blooms.
  9. Moonstone: A highly sought-after variety with blush pink, double flowers that fade to a pale white over time.
  10. Raspberry Sundae: A distinctive variety with layers of creamy white and raspberry pink petals, creating a striking contrast.
  11. Peony Alexander Fleming: A fragrant, double-petaled peony with bright pink blooms that add a pop of color to any arrangement.

Armed with this extensive list of peony varieties available for cut flowers, you can now create breathtaking and diverse floral arrangements for your clients’ events and weddings. Embrace the wide range of colors, textures, and fragrances these gorgeous peonies offer, and let their beauty inspire your work!

Finding Flower Distributors and Purchasing Peonies Online

Thanks to the internet, finding flower distributors, sending flowers, or ordering flowers online has become more and more accessible. You can conveniently buy wedding flowers or flowers from the comfort of your home or studio. When searching for “flowers,” choose a reputable distributor specializing in wholesale roses, peonies, and other popular blooms.  You can find every peony that is in season throughout the world on flowermarketplace.com, the world’s largest online floral marketplace brought to you by fmifarms .

Our all-encompassing guide on peonies’ seasonal availability and geographical preferences equips you with the knowledge to source the perfect peonies for your floral creations. From North American and European peonies to the exotic blooms of Chile, you can cater to your client’s desires and create unforgettable arrangements. Embrace the world of peonies and let their enchanting beauty inspire your work!