Supplying Florist Over 15 years



For Over 15 years FMI Farms has been carving out a path in the floral supply chain. Our goal is making the world of flowers available at a click of a button, “You Click, We Ship”

We are confident our product availability is the largest supply of Fresh Cut Flowers a florist can buy. From 2006 until now, we have improved and refined our packaging, increased our product availability, and hired the most experienced staff in the flower industry. In 2015 we launched our online floral marketplace. Covid propelled our percentage of online sales in 2020 from 15% to over 75%. We are very happy to have been in a position to be able to have supported our mom and pop florists during a difficult time. We believe in small businesses and want to make sure we protect the backbone of America by exclusively keeping our platform for floral retailers.

Offering our repackaging facility in Miami allows for the florist to buy unique novelty items usually not available through other supply chains. When a florist logs online they can create their own packages picking bunch by bunch or stem by stem, minimizing their losses. Buying by the bunch or stem also allows for our retailers to supply the freshest possible flower.  Over time, this will increase customer satisfaction and repeat business. These are some of the ideas we have been able to successfully put into practice.

We are currently working on adding more growers, increasing our product availability, and enhancing the online experience.  We are constantly evolving and working on creating a tool that will allow our customers to deliver their promise of quality, diversity, and freshness!!

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